My Sunday versus The Universe’s Plan

Dear Spiritual Seekers:

I hope this post finds you in perfect Spirit & Health!

Today was one of those days where I had a plan in place and The Universe planned something even better.  I love taking workshops because it sharpens my skills, gives me an opportunity to connect with community and most important connect with my Sacred Self.  To me – Sacred Self – is when I am in direct alignment with my higher self.

I was running late this morning – rushing out of the house trying to make an 11:30 am metaphysical workshop. When I arrived, the shop owner informed me that the class was pushed out to next Sunday. I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to the workshop. The good news is at least I can go next week.

Walking to my car, I could see the beautiful Benicia Waterfront (Pacific Ocean). How could I get into my car and drive away. So I went for a walk, soaked up sun, listened to the ocean waves, smiled at all the dogs, wildlife and people walking. It was windy, but the sun felt great!! This was a much better way to connect with all that is Sacred – in the beloved elements.

I walk this journey to be in service. I realize how difficult it can be to find the right teachers/mentors. I am here to be in service.  I encourage you (should you feel called) to send questions, or topics you would like me to discuss.

……….Until our paths cross, may every step be in Sacredness.

With heart,


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