Gift of Your Tribes

Dear Seekers:

It’s been too long since I posted a message. I will continue to post interesting articles and videos about healing Self, Earth and Universe. I will also begin to post more channeled messages.

Although, I have always been a psychic medium, since a child, the deeper I went into my Spiritual practice, the deeper the psychic work evolved. Channeled messages come to me in many ways. Sometimes I will meditate on a question and wait for a response. At times, I am thinking about someone and a message will just come through. Other times, as I am doing mundane work, I feel my Spirit Guide next to me seeking my attention. I must admit the Priestess side of me loves when I am in Sacred Space doing Journey Work, or other type of ritual and channeled messages (or projects) comes through.

Regardless of the method, being a Light Worker in Service to the Divine, I know the purpose of the messages are to share with others. For this reason, I will begin to post more channeled messages on my blog.  I trust the messages will find the people that need to hear it most, at a perfect time.

Today, as I was meditating, this channeled message came through.


At times, you think about your past and remember with joy or pain. Collectively, you are memories of your past and ancestral remembrances — not only of this plane/dimensions.  You may wonder how to decipher between yours and theirs. It is important to remember there is no separation between them and you. The Souls Journey is to heal — not only your own pains, also, that of your ancestors. 

The part that is often forgotten is you are also the benefactor of all the Gifts of Your Tribes. They are always with you – to guide you – to walk with you. The true freedom exists when you walk in co-existence with them…. in other words….

That which is your past is what you hold on to
High-self knows what is intrinsically true
…remembering The Path
…remembering You
letting go of the untruths
Let Your Divine Light Shine Through

I believe we do not need to carry our pain to learn from them. To heal means we can have the memories without emotional attachments. We can find strength in our Journey and that of our ancestors. Know how much you are deeply Loved by them and The Divine.

Many Blessings on Your Journey!

Spiritual Life Guide

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