New Years Commitment (2017)

Greetings Seekers,

On January 1, 2017, I woke up feeling energetically and physically like I went through a time warp portal and woke up in a different dimension. Needless to say, upon waking up, I grabbed palo santo and smudged off any residual sludge to purify my body and said ….

Hail & Welcome 2017″!! 

The feeling of awakening into a different dimension is not surprising when you realize the Year 2017, in numerology, is a time of  entering a 1 (one) Universal Year, the number of beginnings. As we make the switch from 2016 to 2017, we transitioned out from a 9 Universal Year — one of big-picture thinking, healing, and endings — into a 1 Year that’s all about beginnings, initiation, and action.

For this reason, I decided to try something new –instead of a resolution, I opted for a New Year Commitments. My commitment to myself is to Live Free. I decided to give myself a clean slate (let go of the past, focus on being present and the Journey ahead). I decided not to restrict myself from anything that brings me joy. I realized New Years Resolutions was about restrict myself too much, or commitment to something that society, old paradigms, said I should do. This year is the Year of Be-ing Free. Rebirthing so to speak….to change my reality of restrictions to honoring freedom.

Why? Because at the core of my essence, my Be-ingness, my soul is connected to my Divine Creator and through Creators love, I am imperfectly, perfect. When I listen to the messages from Creator, Spirit Guides and my own Inner Knowing, I am clear on what is good for my mind, spirit, relations and body. It’s a place where you tap into the Oneness of All. In the higher realms of consciousness. When I tap into that energy, I cannot do anything wrong. Through Divine Wisdom, Magick and Miracles occur. This is the state I want to live in 2017.

The freedom to live fully in the moment without the chatters of confinements. Among a few old NYR, I use to look at exercise and eating clean as something I was forced to do and I did it well. Then something happened…I realized when I do not exercise and eat something I shouldn’t (sugar, refined food, dairy, etc) my body felt it immediately (tired, wired, sluggish). Now I realize it’s not a punishment but something that makes my body feel good. Not to mention heightened psychic abilities. I didn’t drink for 10 years for spiritual reasons…and NYE I had a glass of champagne. I realized a spiritual life doesn’t mean perfection. I also realized…I don’t like the way alcohol feels in my body…so if I choose not to drink it’s because my soul feels free to make the choice…not restrict because I am a Spiritual being. I can’t shut that part off if I tried…trust me..I have tried. 🙂

I decided to live my life more fully and focus more on Be-ing Present, rather than endless inner chatter of my past, allowing myself the Freedom of Rebirthing a New Future. One that isn’t weighed down by old belief systems. Think about that for one moment.

…..the freedom to walk through life with a clean slate…and not weight down by old belief systems.

**Savor it** **Breathe It In** *As you exhale that breathe…Free Yourself**

Yes. That is how my Journey into 2017 is going to begin. 🙂


Until our paths cross, may each step be in Sacredness

With heart,

Paula (Modern Day Medicine Woman)

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