Sacred Offerings

Shout out to my Tribe!!

You are Beautiful…soul deep…radiates out and I Love You!!

I Love You….for all that You offer this World. Each and every one of You so lovingly shares the beautiful spark within You.  Your passions run deep…to my artists, healers, acupunctures, body workers, psychics, astrologers, Magickal Be-ings, altar and ceremony creators, Trail Blazers, Wisdom Keepers, counselors, teachers, lawyers, CPAs, gardeners, authors, wanderers, gypsy hearts, musicians, drummers (aka Care Takers of Gaia/Mothers’ heartbeat) poets, dancers (poetry in motion), business owners, stylist, doulas, fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc..elders, youth that I have watched evolving into your own (passing of the sacred torch/new generation)…creative, intellectual, people. So much beauty each of You contribute to this world.  I am in constant awe of you. I am honored to know You.

And, yes ….if you are reading this…that means You!

When possible, I love seeing the World through Your Eyes. Social Media is the modern era Personal Journals…that I I have the honor of baring witness to the Sacredness of Your offerings. Through your laughter, joys, fears, pain, healing, transformations, passions and beauty of mundane…(God/Creator/Universe knows mundane in itself are seeds to creation and sacred in essence..everything has a purpose….nothing is mundane when we walk through life as a sacred prayer and treat every interaction and moment with love~staying fully present~heart to heart….watch the flowers & sacred geometry bloom) I thank You….for allowing me to walk the path with You…You are a Sacred Gift to this World.

Blessings on Your Journey….until our paths cross, may every step be in Sacredness….

With Heart,



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