Sharing my thoughts around my nutrient fast

If you follow me then you know, I periodically do a nutrient fast to detox my body and purify my soul. This time I will do a nutrient fast for 40 days. As a healer, I am always tuning into my body and my body tells me when it’s time to do a fast. I noticed instinctually it seems to be during the time of seasonal transitions. Now we are transitioning out of winter and soon into spring. My body is telling me it is time.

I decided to begin around Lent. I am not Catholic but it is a holy time for many which means the collective consciousness is more potent at this time. It’s a powerful time to begin. Not to mention Solar Eclipse NEW MOON in PISCES February 26th 2017. It just seems to be perfect timing.

Fasting is a deep sacred time for my body, mind and soul. The first two days are the most difficult…third day you begin to feel more in tune with your body and by day four a huge shift occurs. Day four is my favorite.

Here are random thoughts as I begin to mentally prepare and focus on internal inner chatter and set my intentions: (Going within is all part of the process)

Today….I am mentally preparing for my nutrient fast….it’s a process and a journey….I love how each fast takes me through a deepening within my soul….for me a nutrient fast means no meat … the plan is until Easter. The question I ask myself is: “How deep do I want to go?” Meaning….Do I just cut out meat? Do I cut out coffee, sugar, chocolate (expect Cocoa in protein drinks)? Do I cut out bread? If I do a check in with my body the answer is Yes. *sigh* *head drop into the palm” Sure…I can do baby steps or go all in. We shall see. Once I decide on that…I ask myself again…How deep do I want to go? Do I cut off negative media and watch/read/listen to only positive? When I check in with my spirit…the answer is Yes. Ok. Check and Check….so then I ask myself again….layer by layer Paula….how deep Am I willing to go? There is always more….there is something I have always wanted to do…ok…a couple things…for a long healthy life…I need to dive deep within and from the depths of my core….pull out the Warrior within and tackle this inner battle of weight release….Am I ready to dive that deep? *deep breath* I check in …my soul says…Yes…if You want to live…Yes…. no is not an option….so I say to myself…baby steps Paula…baby steps…the nutrient fast will prepare my body for the next phase of lifcrystals2e…I will do my morning meditation…yoga…walks…and get into the gym…steam room etc….I always wanted to be a step by step…layer by layer….one step at a time…the journey begins….technically I start the fast on Wednesday…but I already cooked vegan for the week and will ease out the coffee (maybe or go all in…I always go all in but that damn 2 day headache was killer last time around..) on Monday. I am ready….Let’s see where this 40 day Journey will take me. I am ready for something new….I turn 48 in August. Rumor has it every 7 years we cycle into a new Life Cycle…so it’s time to finish this cycle and next year on to the start of a new. It’s time to release that which no longer serves me ——–

There is one additional reason I decided to fast. The end of March I signed up for Ancestral
Lineage Healing workshop. It will be some deep work and I want to be at optimal energetic and spiritual attunement to process the work.

I will keep you posted on my journey. Until our paths cross, may every step be in Sacredness.

With heart,

Priestess Paula

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