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Paula is an honest, compassionate claircognizant reader and healer that allow Divine Spirit to guide her when delivering messages. Depending upon what is required by the type of reading; Paula works with various divination modalities, along with trance-mediumship, to provide insight into your questions. If you would prefer one type of reading technique over another, Paula would be happy to use that method.

When appropriate, Paula incorporates past life information, spirit guide communication and/or assistance in releasing energies that block access to your Divine Higher Self. At times, you may be given techniques to aide you in the process of access your Divine Higher Self. Intuitive Readings are great, if you are feeling “stuck”, want clarity on a situation, or just curious about what the future holds.  Want insight into relationships, career, finances, romance, family, your own spirituality? Or the energy (aka intention) of what you are creating for yourself in this life, where you are growing, what blocks you may be experiencing, what you really want, what you came here to do.

Why book a session with Paula?
Below are the most common types of sessions:

Are you seeking Clarity of Mind or Focus on Next Step/s?
Are you seeking Physical Healing?
Are you seeking Emotional Healing?
Are you seeking Spiritual Healing?
Are you seeking a Shift of Consciousness?
Want to Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior?
Or Seeking a “Chakra Rejuvenation” or “Energetic tune-up”?

To learn more about my readings click here.

Call for an appointment by Friday, April 13,2018
and receive $10 off a 30 minute session and free aura clearing

Readings via Skype

You can live anywhere in the US and make an appointment.



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