Clearing -Aura, Soul & Property

Also known as Smudging

Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy which is constantly flowing and changing, affecting all areas of our lives. The energy levels in the places we live, work, shop and socialize can have far-reaching affects on our well-being. Such effects can be both positive and negative. This is why we believe it is necessary to maintain the energy in our homes and places of work. It is important to maintain a high vibrational environment.  Positive energy can help us to increase personal wealth, to stay healthy, to be happy and to eliminate bad habits.

Let Intuitive Sage help you transform the negative energy imprints in your home into positive imprints created with your very own thoughts and emotions, by allowing and bringing in beneficial energies that strengthen and support you.   Space clearing helps you create that lovely energy that feels so good to walk into. If you live in a house that was lived in previously—as almost everyone does—you may be inheriting negative energy and, if so, this could be affecting you.

Use a clearing to catapult the major life changes you always wanted to make: free yourself of unwanted behaviors, people and beliefs. Clearings are powerful tools when you are ready to move forward. In all clearings, Paula works with her Unseen Team, the spirit guides of the person or property being cleared and her Akashic Records teams to clear unnecessary and unwanted patterns, beliefs, contracts, commitments, and energy from the Soul.
Personal (Aura, Soul & Energy) Clearing
In a Personal Clearing, the focus is on helping you release Soul Contracts that have been standing in your way, negative energy, negative thought patterns and attachments and more.
Benefits of Personal (Aura, Soul & Energy) Clearing
Clearing the aura means getting rid of negative energies and foreign vibrations that may be affecting your energy field. Cleansing the aura means you will be able to attract positive people and positive energies instead of negative ones. For some, aura cleansing means letting go of the past and being willing to move forward into the future. After the aura is cleansed, discovering the self through inner work and reflection will be easier. Your energy will be back in a positive flow. Healing can occur naturally and more easily.
Personal Aura, Soul & Energy Clearings are held via Skype (voice): Two options available depending on your preference. Option 1: At the session time, Paula performs the clearing with you on the phone, participating as needed.  Option 2: Paula does clearing then contacts you will summary and you can ask questions, if needed.

Property Clearing

Paula’s Property Clearing occurs at the soul level of the property being cleared and the affects past, present and future of the property. Clearings can be completed on any property, office, land or other area and are done remotely (meaning Paula does not have to visit the property). The most common places to clear are the home and the office. Clearings are completed in divorce situations, when there is unrest and even when the home has just been or is about to be bought or sold. Office clearings are frequently used to achieve a more positive work environment, a raise or better position or to secure the space while a new position is found.
Benefits of Space Clearing
A space clearing and cleansing removes undesirable energy from houses, businesses and property. After clearings are done and obstacles and energetic limitations are removed, balance and harmony are restored. Also, after people are cleansed they feel lighter, more confident they have more energy, are more positive, and find more clarity in their lives.If any of the following ‘symptoms’ apply to your premises, then you need a Space Purification:

  • How often should I do the Space purification at my premises?
  • It is suggested to have your home cleared if you are new occupants.
  • When a new challenge or major change is happening it is suggested to have a clearing. This includes new baby, new relationship, new job endeavor or wanting to create energy for something new to happen.
  • When having additions or changes to already existing construction it is advised to have a clearing. You should do this process once in a month to move forward and release any stagnant energy.

At Home

  • A sense of unease in certain corner or room
  • A drop in energy levels on entering the property or reluctance to spend time there
  • The previous occupants suffered serious health problems, divorce or bankruptcy
  • Difficulty in selling or have just moved into your property or premises

At Office

  • Is there a high level of staff absenteeism?
  • Low staff motivation or morale?
  • Is the staff experience tiredness, headaches recurring health problems?
  • Was the previous business occupying the premises successful?
  • Is your work space disorganized and cluttered?
  • Sudden drop in business turnover.

Although relocating or redecorating is an effective way to change the energy in a home or business premises, sometimes this is not enough and cleansing and clearing is need at a much deeper level.   Space clearing basically removes the negative energy within one’s surrounding.   Since everything in our life—from our health, prosperity to our relationships — is highly affected by this vital flow of energy, it is importance that we keep this energy field around us clean and clear.

At the session time, Paula performs the clearing and provides and call, or email, a summary.

Clearing -Aura, Soul & Property
Onsite: $100 (1 hour) / $200 (2 hours)
(plus travel cost if more than hour away)
Remote Clearing: $150
Please read Disclaimers and Session Preparation prior to setting up appointment
Please use the “Paypal” link & appointment will be set within 2 business day
Send available times in email and please use Pacific Standard Time

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